First impressions count and a strong CV is your opportunity to guarantee you’re making the right one. Translation of the Latin term Curriculum Vitae is ‘one’s life or career’ but studies have shown that an employer could take as little as 30 seconds to read your work history and decide whether you’ve got the potential.

Creating an attractive resume won’t secure you the job but having a poor one could cost you the chance. If you have never had a CV or if you’re out of practice when it comes to updating an existing one, it can hard to know where to start.

So how do you make your CV stand out from the rest and showcase your value to a new employer?

National Talent’s team have unparalleled experience in working with employers to understand what they’re looking for from each application and will work with you to create a CV unique to each opportunity. You’ll work in partnership with your dedicated recruitment executive to present your qualifications and career highlights, illustrate your personal and professional skills and achievements, capture your work history and advertise your suitability for any role. Your CV will form the basis of any job application we make with you and will be included in a full employer introductory pack along with your psychometric results and assessments.

We’ve developed our bespoke processes, procedures and templates across decades of partnership with the best employers from around the world, to make sure those 30 seconds count.